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Amvic Inc – Insulation & ICF 501 Mcnicoll Ave , North York, ON, M2H2E2 (416) 410-5674.
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Tilt-up construction is a fast, efficient and effective way to build public and commercial buildings. Watch as Eco-Block insulating concrete forms (ICF) are …
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Amvic Launches the New AmDeck Floor & Roof Construction System

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) August 26, 2006

Amvic Building System ( recently launched the innovative NEW AmDeck TM Floor & Roof System that is unmatched in the construction industry. The system is perfectly suited for use with Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) construction (, but can be used independently with other wall systems. Traditional stick-frame construction is rapidly being replaced worldwide with ICF as it is durable, cost effective, sustainable, and environmentally friendly.

AmDeck TM implements full 10 inch deep lightweight steel joists to support construction loads. As a result, the shoring requirements are minimized and can be placed up to 20 feet on center. This is 4 times less than the shoring required for competing products which results in significant cost savings.

One-way concrete floor/roof joists formed with this system can span approximately 30-35 feet. Spans greater than 40 feet can also be easily achieved using higher strength concrete and post-tensioned reinforcing cable strands.

Unlike many competing products, the Amvic system is assembled using small, standardized, lightweight modular units. This makes the system much easier to use and handle without compromising superior strength of construction. The Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) used in the decking system also provides built-in continuous thermal insulation and reduces noise travel from one storey to another.

Overall, the system is very well engineered and easy to use thus ensuring design flexibility and construction versatility. For more information please call 1 877-470-9991 or visit the website at

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Amvic to Release a New 12″ ICF

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) May 30, 2007

On June 1, 2007, Amvic Building System will release a new 12″ Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) to the current line of 4″, 6″, 8″ and 10″ forms. The new 12″ form will be 17″w x 24″h x 48″l. It will be available in a straight form which will cover 8 sq ft and in a 90 degree form which will cover 9.83 sq ft.

Amvic ICFs are manufactured using 2.5 inches of 1.5lb/cf density EPS foam on each side of the form. These panels are very rigid, therefore maintain shape, remain straight and plumb and require less bracing during concrete pouring and curing. Amvic is one of few ICFs on the market that can withstand internal vibration which ensures proper concrete consolidation and creates a structurally superior wall. Amvic ICF also features the unique, fully reversible FormLockTM interlocking system which has considerably deeper grooves than competing products. This provides greater connection strength and eliminates the need for gluing or taping. As a result, when concrete is poured into Amvic ICFs the likelihood of separation is very low. In addition, Amvic ICF is the strongest on the market as proven by Canadian Construction Material Center (CCMC) forming capacity strength test at 865 lbs./sq.ft.

The web placement in Amvic forms is 6″ on centre vs. 8″ on centre in most others. This allows for most cut-off pieces to be reused which can result in less than 1% construction waste compared to up to 6% for most competitors. The polypropylene webs are manufactured using more raw material than in other ICFs, which results in a greater rigidity and allows for an ultimate 198 lb pull-out strength for interior and exterior attachments. They also have a unique rebar holding system with built-in clips that can hold up to two courses of rebar securely in place without tying and place rebar most effectively to maximize structural strength.

Not only does Amvic provide a superior product which provides many benefits to the builder and occupant, it is also Green. Amvic ICFs use 60% recycled materials, reduce deforestation and Amvic ICF structures reduce energy consumption by 30-50% on average as well last for over a hundred years with limited maintenance. Amvic recently conducted an industry leading third party LEED Product Assessment which proved that using Amvic ICF can result in up to 28 points towards a structure’s LEED certification. (For documents to support this data, please contact Amvic)

Amvic has recently developed Amvic Design Software (ADS) TM, a leading engineering software for checking the structural adequacy of Amvic walls, lintels and AmDeckTM. Users simply input variables and the system calculates if they satisfy the appropriate building code. The software is visually interactive and entries are reflected in real-time. Currently, ADS is the only software with built-in text and graphic reports for complete transparency. ADS streamlines the design process, increases efficiency and ensures accuracy.

These recent progressive investment decisions clearly indicates that Amvic is determined to increase sales in the commercial segment of the ICF industry and is dedicated to meeting the needs of their customers.

For more information on Amvic Building System, please visit the website at or call 1 877 470 9991.


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Amvic Building System Awarded Certificate of Recognition from the Minister of Small Business and Entrepreneurship

(PRWEB) February 29, 2008

On Monday February 25th, 2008 the Honourable Harinder S. Takhar, Minister of Small Business and Entrepreneurship toured the Amvic Building System facility in Toronto, ON. Amvic was selected for this visit so the Minister could recognize the tremendous growth the company has experienced since starting in 1999.

On behalf of the Government of Ontario, Minister Takhar presented Amvic Building System with an Award of Recognition to honour the success of the company. This award recognizes entrepreneurial organizations that have contributed to Ontario’s economy. The certificate signed by Takhar reads,

“Entrepreneurship is vital to Ontario’s continued prosperity. Building a business requires, vision, hard work and dedication – I appreciate your commitment to excellence. Ontario applauds all your efforts that help keep our economy strong and vibrant.”

Amvic is greatly honored to receive this award and would like to thank Minister Takhar, the Government of Ontario and the local community for their continuous support. Amvic plans to continue to innovate and develop new, green solutions for the building industry in an effort to maintain continued growth and success in the future.

AMVIC BUILDING SYSTEM based in Toronto, ON is an industry-leading manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) building materials that consistently exemplify exceptional quality, superior strength and ease of installation. The main products sold across North America include Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and AmDeck Floor & Roof SystemTM. Earlier this year Amvic released SilveRboard, a new innovative rigid expanded polystyrene (EPS) insulation which is coated with reflective lamination for residential and commercial applications.


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Amvic Releases a New ‘T-block’ Insulated Concrete Form

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) July 31, 2008

Once again Amvic Building System demonstrates excellent responsiveness to the needs of their customers as the company continues to innovate and expand their Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) product line. On August 15th, 2008 Amvic will release a new T-block ICF for the company’s current 6″ and 8″ ICF lines for field testing.

The T-Block is designed for applications where two walls intersect. In most cases this occurs where an interior ICF wall connects to an exterior ICF wall. In residential construction this is uncommon since typically interior walls are constructed with either wood or steel framing. The demand for a T-block recently arose due to the increased growth of ICF use for commercial projects such as schools and hotels. Previously, installers would construct a T-block on site using straight forms, the process was time consuming and the intersection would require special attention and additional bracing. Now, with this exciting new product the ICF installation process can reach even higher levels of efficiency and productivity which will translate to quicker occupancy and greater profits for Amvic’s customers.

The NEW Amvic T-block will be available in two configurations. For both models, the top of the ‘T’ will be the same length but the direction of the longer side will be inversed. One model will have a short leg (bottom of the T) and one will have a long leg. This is so when the wall is installed the forms can be alternated to ensure that the joints are staggered, which will increase the strength of the wall at the intersection during the concrete pour and reduce the need for additional bracing. In addition, the outside wall panel for each form will contain additional built-in internal polypropylene reinforcement to provide extra strength.

Like all Amvic forms, the T-block will feature the patented 1″ deep FormLockTM reversible interlock which connects the forms tightly together without the need for gluing or taping. They will also contain the same 100% recycled polypropylene webs which will hold the three panels of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) together, hold reinforcing steel and act as furring strips for interior and exterior finishings. The design of the new forms in conjunction with these features will provide exceptional strength and virtually eliminate the chance of form failure.

About Amvic Building System: Amvic Building System based in Toronto, Ontario, is an industry leading manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) building materials. The main product lines sold across North America include Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and the NEW patented AmDeck Floor & Roof SystemTM. Amvic also produces a vinyl window and door block-out called Amvic Buck System, Amvic Design Software for engineers, SilveRboard reflective insulation and Envirosheet rigid flat-sheet insulation. Amvic products consistently exemplify exceptional quality, superior strength and ease of installation. In addition, they result in long term cost savings, offer superior comfort, and are environmentally friendly. For more information, please visit


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Amvic Building System Introduces Unique Bracing Trailer Lease Program

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) February 6, 2009

Amvic Building System , North America’s leading manufacturer of insulated concrete forms and Peripheral products, announces the new Amvic Prestige Bracing Trailer Lease Program, the premier residential and commercial ICF bracing solution.

Amvic helps valued customers by providing support and tools that make the job easier. Providing a lease option is a great opportunity for ICF installers to obtain their own bracing with a minimal investment and for Distributors to offer an easy-to-handle rental program.

Each lease includes a trailer for easy storage and transport, spare parts for the bracing, and a Makita

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Oldham County School Board Selects Amvic ICF Products as Dixie ICF Announces Completion of Another School Project

Crestwood, Kentucky (PRWEB) March 14, 2009

Dixie ICF, well-known throughout Kentucky and the surrounding region for their years of experience in building structures using Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), is pleased to announce the completion of Crestwood Elementary School.

The 26,500 square foot structure integrates insulated concrete forms with conventional concrete masonry units (CMU). All exterior walls are constructed using ICF, while the interior walls use CMU and the floors are poured concrete. This fusion of materials posed its own challenges meaning that wall spaces had to be measured precisely to accommodate for the outcropping of concrete block to match up with the drywall on the ICF. The end result is a smooth, professionally finished surface.

“The strength of Amvic ICF ( has enabled us to achieve quicker build times resulting in a fast turnaround for the Oldham County School Board. The product strength was proven when we were able to pour over 5,000 forms with no pillowing, no blowouts and no additional work for other trades” says Tim Hamilton of Dixie ICF.

The speed of construction with ICF became evident when the crew of 7 ICF installers managed to stay ahead of a crew of 30 masons! Not only was the speed of construction a deciding factor for the Oldham County School Board, but they also chose Amvic ICF because it creates a stronger wall that is monolithic with no mortar joints. In an area where tornados are a concern, this element of safety was very important.

Amvic has continuously demonstrated excellence in the three key areas of ICF development: a strong interlock mechanism, unequalled foam density, and web design and spacing. All of these factors made Amvic ( the logical choice for constructing an educational building.

Some of the benefits of ICF use lend themselves particularly well in the Education Sector. Health and safety are always top of mind during any construction project, but particularly so when building a structure for children. With the mold and mildew resistance of insulated concrete forms as well as the fire resistance and structure integrity, Crestwood Elementary is a safe building that will be in use for decades. Keeping the bottom line in mind, choosing ICF means speed and ease of construction, long term energy efficiency and significantly lower maintenance costs. Finally, the impressive sound deadening properties of insulated concrete forms create a quiet and efficient learning environment. When all of these attributes are combined an Amvic ICF school truly produces a unique and special educational setting.

The decision to use insulated concrete forms was fully supported by the architect as experience showed that even during the uncertain temperature and weather of the winter months, ICF construction would carry on and maintain their schedule. This isn’t always the case when working with concrete block which can often be affected by weather.

If you have any questions about this ICF construction project, please contact Tim Hamilton at Dixie ICF at (502) 493-0711 or visit Amvic’s website at

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Amvic ICF Gets Thrown a Curve in Mercer County

Harrodsburg, Kentucky (PRWEB) May 2, 2009

Mercer County Senior High School is one of the first educational facilities to take advantage of the benefits of using insulated concrete forms for their construction. The use of ICF’s has become one of the fastest growing trends in the construction industry over the last two years. What makes the Mercer project unique is the integration of a curved radius exterior wall.

It became apparent early in the planning process that the use of ICF was going to be of great value to the project. The assembly of the ICF forms would move quickly and the consolidation of trade skills would eliminate delays. With fewer hands involved, it would be easier to coordinate and manage the project and the chance for worker error would be reduced.

But how do you build a round wall with a square block? Using an experienced company like Amvic Building System ( was the solution.

“Amvic can customize their forms to suit almost any application you need in order to satisfy a specific project’s requirements,” says Glenn Hamilton of Dixie ICF. “We provided the drawings and details for the radius walls, Amvic manufactured the forms to exact standards and provided detailed installation instructions.” Amvic also provided ongoing customer support in the event of questions or challenges.

When constructing a building of this size (18,500 SF ICF, 2 storeys), one of the primary concerns is energy efficiency once the structure is complete. The construction of a thermally efficient envelope coupled with high efficiency heating and cooling systems created the perfect pairing allowing the customer to anticipate reduced energy costs.

Amvic ICF ( has been proven the strongest on the market after having undergone the Concrete Form and Capacity Test, passing with flying colours. They are the only ICF manufacturer to boast this achievement. Amvic has continuously demonstrated excellence in the three key areas of ICF development: a strong interlock mechanism, foam density, and web design and spacing.

For more information on the Mercer project or the use of insulated concrete forms for your next construction project, please contact Glenn Hamilton of Dixie ICF at (502) 493-0711 or visit the Amvic website at

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Amvic Success Profiled in Canadian Business Journal

Toronto, Ontario (PRWEB) October 15, 2009

Amvic founder, Victor Amend, recently sat down with Canadian Business Journal to talk about the company’s beginnings and how it has climbed to a position of prominence within the insulated concrete form (ICF) industry. Amvic ICF ( debuted in 1999 as a result of Amend’s unsuccessful search for a concrete house and after discovering that the ICF market didn’t yet carry what he would consider the ideal building product. Being a scientist, Amend developed an ICF that would be stronger, easier to use and less wasteful in the construction process.

What are ICFs?

ICFs are permanent forms into which concrete is poured. The forms are made from two 2.5-inch expanded polystyrene (EPS) panels that are held together by polypropylene webs. ICFs are interlocking modular units and serve to create an insulated form for the structural walls of a building. Buildings constructed with insulated concrete forms are energy efficient, sustainable, comfortable and environmentally friendly.

The Amvic difference

“Our ICF is reversible,” says Gary Brown, Vice President of Business Development at Amvic “which means it doesn’t matter what way you stack it, you don’t have to turn it around. It makes things a lot easier in the construction phase. In addition, the webs holding the two EPS boards together are six inches on centre, instead of eight or 12 inches. The advantage there is a stronger block with more attachment areas for exterior and interior finishes. Drywall can be attached right on it without extra 2″ x 4″ strapping.”

Amvic ( has gone on to provide additional products to complete the building envelope. Amvic now offers a floor and roof system, called AmDeck and SilveRboard, a flat-sheet insulation coated with reflective lamination on both sides. Amvic has covered its bases, ensuring their high-performance product line is diverse enough to apply in any building project.

Green building

Amvic ICFs eliminate construction waste, prevent air leakage and have a long lifecycle. “Because of the EPS insulation, ICFs make a tight wall system,” Brown adds. “When a building envelope isn’t tight, energy is wasted because our heating and cooling systems have to overcompensate for the loss. You use less energy and have better air quality.”

If you ask Brown, Amvic has one main priority: to bring high-quality, energy-efficient, fortified and sustainable building systems to North America. “We want to enhance the growth of building products that will contribute to a cleaner and healthier environment,” he says. “It’s something we’re confident we can continue to do.”

Canadian Business Journal offers readers a glimpse into major Canadian industries including construction, energy, food and drink, healthcare, manufacturing and more, through comprehensive profiles of successful Canadian enterprises. To read the entire Amvic ICF article click here

For more information about Amvic ICFs or insulated concrete forms, visit their website at or contact Gary Brown at 416-410-5674.


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Amvic Corporate Video — Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF)

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