Off Grid Living (ICF) Country Home Construction #5 of 12

Video of windows, front entry, kitchen windows and screen porch. Breach Builders Enterprises Inc. – Bert.
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Single Family Home for – 965 INDIAN CREEK RANCH RD, Defunia

Property Site: Tradition, charm, grace… elements embraced at Twin Falls Plantation, in the heart of Northwest Florida….
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Off Grid Living (ICF) Country Home Construction 1 of 12

Off Grid Living (ICF) Country Home Construction 1 of 12

This video shows the surrounding environment of the country home in Oak Run during the construction on a custom home. Breach Builders Enterprises Inc.…
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Demonstration of electrical system installation in an Eco-Block project featured on the television program “Gimme Shelter.” Watch as a luxury home is built u…
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Concrete Home Construction

Concrete housing council video showing concrete housing construction using aluminum concrete forms. For more information on concrete formwork visit www.wallt…
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A True Hurricane-Proof Home

Rock Hill, SC (PRWEB) December 5, 2005

With the terrible hurricane season of 2005 now behind us, many coastal residents are either thinking about rebuilding or trying to find a true hurricane proof house.

Many are searching for any alternative to help increase the possiblility of their home surviving the destructive wind and water forces a hurricane can bring.

Can an affordable house be built that is truly hurricane proof?

Sure, a home can be constructed to withstand the high, 130+ mph winds, a category 4 hurricane can bring, but what about the flooding that can follow it?

We watched as many homes that survived the hurricane winds in New Orleans suddenly were faced with the new threat of flooding and the aftermath of mold from simple water damage.

Not only does a home have to stand up to terrible winds but it must also be water proof as well.

Can the average consumer afford such a house?

Strong but expensive steel and concrete homes can offer protection and withstand hurricane force winds but they are not water or mold proof. Many hurricane proof homes constructed with steel and concrete quickly move out of the cost range of the average home buyer.

Even a steel frame house is simply just that. A steel frame. Many other materials are used in the construction that cannot withstand a hurricane. The frame of your house may still be there but everything else you call home can be destroyed.

A new company, Custom Super Homes, claims to have recently invented a contruction material that not only can withstand a category 4 hurricane but also includes the ability to be water proof, mold proof, fire proof, sound proof, super insulated and enviromentally friendly.

All at about the same cost as a regular home.

Their proprietary building material is made from recycled products consisting of coal ash and waste wood.

Coal ash, which is a coal combustion byproduct (fly ash), is a fine powdery material that is recovered from electrical power plants and other coal fired industries. Waste wood is any type of wood that is land filled or piled up, such as waste pallets, chips, and sawdust.

The proprietary matrix or mix is formed into interlocking and non-interlocking building components such as panels, blocks, tilt-wall and other shapes. The building components are then used to replace what would have been concrete, brick, adobe, wood and steel frame walls in typical construction.

You can form, cast, or pour this material into any type of form, similar to casting concrete. Professionals introduced to the system come to the conclusion that it is “a perfect marriage between the solidness of concrete and the flexibility of wood”. The superiority of this new material is perfect for any type of real estate, residential, commercial and industrial.

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A New Type of Home that Leaves Wallets Fatter and Lives Easier to Manage…

(PRWEB) December 30, 2005

A home for the 21st Century is not about the latest in gadgets and wireless alarms, internet connections or top of the line intercom system.

It is about strength, comfort and energy efficiency.

Baby Boomers are buying their last home and they know what they want.

Enter a new type of home. A home that stands up to fire, noise, sun, wind, rain, snow, bugs, mould and inevitable acts of God like, earthquakes and hurricanes; a home that gives you unprecedented comfort and a breath of fresh air 24 hours a day; a home that can resist hurricanes in Florida as well as sub arctic temperatures in the Canadian North.

Imagine an airtight, steel reinforced concrete cube with about 3 inches of styrofoam insulation on both sides of the wall and body temperature heated floors says Harvey Juric, CEO of, a new home builder in Ontario, Canada.

Fresh air from the outside enters the house through a series of pipes buried 5 feet below the ground where there is always a constant temperature (8 Degrees Celsius).

During the summer the incoming air is pre-cooled; during the winter it is pre-warmed. The flow is strictly controlled, pre-conditioned and filtered for a breath of fresh air – 24 hours a day.

When we did computer modeling of the home just that one idea saved 11% on heating costs Juric goes on to say.

The home is built as a combination of some of the newest technologies in modern home building: Insulated Concrete Form (ICF), radiant floor heating, a tank-less water heater and a low energy air conditioning system.

Because of the exceptional insulation of Insulated Concrete Forms, there is significant ongoing savings in energy costs and greatly increased comfort levels for the homeowner.

These walls also make this home wind and fire resistant, bug and mould resistant and provide excellent protection from hurricanes, tornadoes and earthquakes.

Outside voices, traffic noises and police sirens are muffled by the walls thickness, which allows you to sleep soundly every night. Gone are floor squeaks, drafts and the rattling of glass in your china cabinet.

I am thrilled that we will now be able to show off one of these homes, says Harvey Juric. Until now, every time we start to build one of these houses, a customer scoops it up before its finished. Our latest home will be 50% more energy efficient compared to a wood built home we have also roughed it in for full solar so you can achieve a complete independence from the grid says Juric.

This type of home costs only 10% more than a comparable wood framed home and considering the long term savings, comfort and security “Why would anyone consider building homes differently?” is a merited question.

The model home that is located in Meaford, Ontario can be viewed until the month of April by contacting:

Harvey Juric at 519 843-7612.

Other helpful information at: or


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What Four-Letter Word Do You Use When Paying to Heat Your Home These Days?

MEAFORD, Ontario (PRWEB) January 6, 2006

As American households face heating bills averaging at least 30 % higher than last years; the connection between household energy use and energy prices is evident to everyone.

Energy efficiency remains the quickest, cheapest cleanest way to help you lower your home energy bills.

Retrofitting energy efficiency can be expensive, but when you build a new house, it is relatively easy and cheap to make it energy efficient, states Harvey Juric, President of

Harvey is a veteran builder, whose company has been building energy efficient homes in Southern Ontario since 1995.

The task is achieved by marrying several of the latest technologies and developments in home construction.

The increasing use of Insulated Concrete Forms in construction is one of the main breakthroughs in energy efficiency in new homes.

These Forms are Styrofoam blocks that get filled with steel reinforced concrete and form the shape of the building. They double the insulation value, triple the sound resistance and quadruple the strength of the building.

Another important component in energy efficiency is Radiant Floor Heating; which the industry claims will save you 20% on your heating bill, while giving you unprecedented comfort during those cold winter nights.

Add a High Efficiency Tank-Less Water Heater that can heat your whole house while giving you an endless stream of hot water; and the picture gets clearer.

Complete the package with a Heat Recovery Ventilator connected to a sophisticated Earth Energy system that uses a series of underground pipes to pre-condition the incoming air.

This simple solution preheats your incoming air in the winter and pre-warms it in the summer.

Combine these four energy efficient breakthroughs and the result is a home that will slash 50% of your home heating bills, a home that stands up to fire, noise, sun, wind, rain, snow, bugs, mould and inevitable Acts of God like, earthquakes and hurricanes; and a home that is safer, stronger and healthier than any other.

This all sounds great, but how much does it all cost?

Based on past experience, your initial investment for this type of home is only slightly more (approximately 10% compared to conventionally built homes) or considerably less when you think of long term costs, not only for you and your family but also for the planet we live on says Juric.

Juric further explains, The payback period in fuel and maintenance would be between five to seven years but considering the alternative of keeping the status quo during predictions of a looming energy crisis, it is a very reasonable and logical solution

When buying your new home, consciously choose to make informed decisions concerning the future of you and your family. A little bit of planning and common sense, can go a long way in making your home more energy efficient and paying you dividends in years to come.

Contact 519-843-7612 or visit their website at Model home can be viewed Saturdays beginning January 14th, in Meaford, Ontario.


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ICF Manufacturer Makes Hurricane Resistant and Energy Efficient Dream Home a Reality for a South Alabama Family

Fort Deposit, AL (PRWEB) April 12, 2006

When a consumer reporter for Alabama Public Television decided to build a new home, she did what any reporter would do…research. Lori Cummings producer and host of the statewide program Alabama @ Work began searching for the best way to build both a wind resistant and energy efficient home. Cummings says three letters kept popping up in her research; ICF, which stands for insulated concrete forms. I decided to do a story for our television program on building with ICFs and became intrigued by the concept, says Cummings, it just made so much sense and I wondered why everyone wasn’t building with insulated concrete forms.

But when Cummings tried to find her own contractor to build her dream home she could not find an ICF builder. I was discouraged, but decided to do more research. I went to the Portland Cement Association web site and started emailing block manufacturers, Tritex ICF Products responded quickly. Cummings replies.

A few months later, General Sales Manager Thad Tobaben came with a Tritex team from North Alabama including Barry Camper, Mark Cobb and Tim Liptak along with Greenville, Alabama contractor Randall Nicholas was at the Cummings home site breaking ground on her new concrete home.

Tritex believes in their products and the simplicity of building with our Insulated Concrete Forms, Alabama builder Randall Nicholas caught on quickly and is already planning two more concrete homes, says Tobaben. Tritex stayed on the Cummings project until the ICF portion was complete walking Nicholas and his crew through the entire process.

Nicholas told Tritex, I have to admit I didn’t know if I was going to like building with ICFs, but we just finished the last concrete pour on the Cummings’ house and I am extremely pleased with the product and how easy it is to use. I will definitely be building with Tritex blocks again.

Cummings knows her dream home would not be a reality without Tritex ICF Products and is looking forward to living in her new home this summer. According to the Portland Concrete Association, her new home built with insulated concrete forms requires 44 percent less energy to heat and 32 percent less energy to cool than comparable frame homes. ICF constructed homes can withstand up to 225 mile and hour winds which is an F5 tornado or Category 5 hurricane.

Tritex went above and beyond the call of duty and I will never forget what they have done for me and my family. I won’t have to worry this hurricane season and I will be able to afford my energy bills even when I retire. Thank you Tritex! Cummings says with a smile.

About Tritex:

Founded in 2003, Tritex is a new name in insulated concrete forms. Manufacturing plants are located in Conyers, GA, Pardeeville, WI, and Colorado Springs, CO.

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Homeowner Discovers Future of Housing Construction – Uses Computer to Build Home

Westminster, CA (PRWEB) April 16, 2006

Homeowner Don Aspinall and Architect Steve Warmbier of Pacific Coast Cad were looking for alternatives to present day construction methods to help build Mr. Aspinall’s custom 3,000 sqft home. They found it in a revolutionary construction system developed by Apollo Fabrication of Grants Pass Oregon – The eSteel System

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NextGen First to the Future’ Demonstration Home Open House

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 27, 2007

Amvic Building System officially announces an open house to be held at the NextGen First to the Future Demonstration Home on September 25, 2007 between 1:00-7:00pm, in Seattle, WA.

The open house, hosted by Amvic ( and the local general contractor, Anderson Construction Group (, has been timed to attract attendees of the Buildex Seattle, Construct Seattle and Design Trends Seattle tradeshows, occurring on September 26-27th at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. The home is a short drive from the convention center, making it a worthwhile trip for visitors in town for the show.

The purpose of the NextGen Home is to showcase the hottest innovations in home construction and technological solutions that are both easy-to-use and affordable. This particular open house is aimed at educating builders, developers and designers who are interested in learning more about the green and energy efficient construction methods being used on this project.

During the open house, the home will be part-way through construction, displaying the exterior shell of the home, before finishings are applied. In place of typical frame construction for the walls, insulated concrete forms (ICFs) from Amvic Building System were used. The Amvic ICF walls provide a very high r-value, which will reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling to approximately 50% less than a conventionally built house. To further reduce energy use, Amvics AmDeck Floor & Roof System as well as radiant floor heating from Rehau were also used.

If you cannot make it out to see the NextGen Home in person, you can learn more from the NextGen website (, the nationally syndicated TV show “Your House & Home” (, or Smart HomeOwner Magazine (

About Amvic Building System: Amvic Building System based in Toronto, ON is an industry leading manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) building materials. The main product lines sold across North America include Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and the NEW patented AmDeck Floor & Roof SystemTM. Amvic products consistently exemplify exceptional quality, superior strength and ease of installation. In addition, they result in long term cost savings, offer superior comfort, and are environmentally friendly.

About the NextGen Home Experience: The NextGen Home Experience ( produced by Bellevue, WA based Inc, showcases the evolution of the American home in national demonstration homes, at major trade shows, on national television, online and in print media. A NextGen Home is designed and built with the latest construction practices for the next generation of home owners that are: green friendly, energy efficient, disaster resistant and digitally smart in a “total home” environment.

For More Information, Contact:

Aleya Suleman, Marketing Manager, Amvic Building System. 1 877 470 9991


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