Work Begins, Homeowners Decide to Stay | The Newton Centre House, Episode 3 (2009)

Host Kevin O’Connor and general contractor Tom Silva discuss the homeowners’ decision to stay in the house during construction, and they agree it won’t be ea…
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Our talented Kathleen Alvin shows us the proper way to install insulation. For more how to videos, visit Thanks to Jessica Rick for sho…

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Concrete and Foam Structures House Construction

Start to finish of a polystyrene foam house taking only four days to put into dry.65% energy efficient. With a R 48 rating, Withstands 150 MPH winds, Fire re…
Video Rating: 5 / 5 3530 S QUETEL AVE Naco, AZ 85620 Contact Jimmy Perez for more information. Rio Verde Realty 520-432-2808 ICF Con…

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Walkthrough the house at: 651 Muir Road, Kelowna

Walkthrough the house at: 651 Muir Road, Kelowna

This is a walkthrough of the home located at: 651 Muir Road West Kelowna, BC V1Z 3W1 5000 Stunning four bedroom rancher with basement This stunning four …

Lite-Deck Tilt is used to site cast insulated wall panels for the construction industry. Building types of any kind can utilize this revolutionary system to …
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Fast & Easy — Build a house in 14 Days with IRIS KOTO SYSTEM

IRIS KOTO System is a smart, green, high-speed, energy-efficient, sustainable, fully integrated building system for commercial, high rise, upmarket and affor…
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Concrete House

Concrete House

Insulating Concrete Form (ICF) house under construction.

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A Better House Inc. Client Explains The Benefits of Spray Foam Insulation

A Better House Inc. filmed this short clip of a client in her new insulated concrete form (ICF) home explaining how spray foam insulation has benefited them….

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ICF House Construction Time Lapse

R-22 ICF House 2 Story Residental house, ICF Suspended Slabs, Conventional formed Elevator shaft. 3 Man crew, 12 weeks.

Small ICF Home

This small, Insulating Concrete Form Home is designed to withstand the harsh weather and tornadoes of Colorado’s eastern plains. Primary heat is solar radian…
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NextGen First to the Future’ Demonstration Home Open House

Toronto, ON (PRWEB) August 27, 2007

Amvic Building System officially announces an open house to be held at the NextGen First to the Future Demonstration Home on September 25, 2007 between 1:00-7:00pm, in Seattle, WA.

The open house, hosted by Amvic ( and the local general contractor, Anderson Construction Group (, has been timed to attract attendees of the Buildex Seattle, Construct Seattle and Design Trends Seattle tradeshows, occurring on September 26-27th at the Washington State Convention & Trade Center. The home is a short drive from the convention center, making it a worthwhile trip for visitors in town for the show.

The purpose of the NextGen Home is to showcase the hottest innovations in home construction and technological solutions that are both easy-to-use and affordable. This particular open house is aimed at educating builders, developers and designers who are interested in learning more about the green and energy efficient construction methods being used on this project.

During the open house, the home will be part-way through construction, displaying the exterior shell of the home, before finishings are applied. In place of typical frame construction for the walls, insulated concrete forms (ICFs) from Amvic Building System were used. The Amvic ICF walls provide a very high r-value, which will reduce energy consumption for heating and cooling to approximately 50% less than a conventionally built house. To further reduce energy use, Amvics AmDeck Floor & Roof System as well as radiant floor heating from Rehau were also used.

If you cannot make it out to see the NextGen Home in person, you can learn more from the NextGen website (, the nationally syndicated TV show “Your House & Home” (, or Smart HomeOwner Magazine (

About Amvic Building System: Amvic Building System based in Toronto, ON is an industry leading manufacturer of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) building materials. The main product lines sold across North America include Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF) and the NEW patented AmDeck Floor & Roof SystemTM. Amvic products consistently exemplify exceptional quality, superior strength and ease of installation. In addition, they result in long term cost savings, offer superior comfort, and are environmentally friendly.

About the NextGen Home Experience: The NextGen Home Experience ( produced by Bellevue, WA based Inc, showcases the evolution of the American home in national demonstration homes, at major trade shows, on national television, online and in print media. A NextGen Home is designed and built with the latest construction practices for the next generation of home owners that are: green friendly, energy efficient, disaster resistant and digitally smart in a “total home” environment.

For More Information, Contact:

Aleya Suleman, Marketing Manager, Amvic Building System. 1 877 470 9991


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NextGen House Features New Green Building Materials

Las Vegas, Nevada (PRWEB) February 4, 2009

New green building materials are currently on display at the 2009 NextGen Home in Las Vegas.

Almost everyone that walks into the new 2009 state of the art NextGen Home Experience in Las Vegas says, “Wow, what’s that finish on the walls,” and they go up to it and touch it. The new material is called PlasterMax-IND by GigaCrete Inc., a leader in green building materials technologies. NextGen Home is a newly built eco friendly house built with many new technologies with an emphasis on sustainability and energy efficiencies now open during several prime expos such as World Of Concrete, International Builders Show and Consumer Electronics show. GigaCrete’s LEED-qualified interior wall finish added LEED points to the project with its recycled material content. The coating called PlasterMax-IND is 200 percent more resistant to abrasion than ordinary concrete and about ten times more than commercial high abuse resistant gypsum wall boards, developing compressive strengths between 8,000 psi and 10,000 psi. Typical concrete is about 2500 psi.

Applied over ordinary gypsum wall board, PlasterMax-IND forms a dense and strong skin coat that imparts high abrasion and indent resistance to the ordinary gypsum wall board.

Gypsum board is quite fragile and easily damaged and repairing damage to wall boards can be costly and time consuming. At long last, wall boards can now be coated with a great-looking plaster-type finish that is extremely difficult to gouge, dent or scratch. Schools, colleges, hotels, casinos, military facilities, hospitals, restaurants, jails, public buildings or any place with wall surfaces prone to abusive treatment, are ideal candidates for environmentally friendly PlasterMax-IND.

GigaCrete Inc. has also developed PlasterMax-ICF, another new green building material, and installed it at the 2009 NextGen Home an eco friendly house built mostly from Nudura ICF. GigaCrete’s PlasterMax-ICF is the World’s first fire-rated abuse resistant coating for expanded polystyrene foam (EPS). EPS is used to make insulating-concrete-form (ICF) construction, and ICF builders have had little choice but to use gypsum wall board as the fire-rated finish over EPS foam. Not only is gypsum wall board fragile, it also supports growth of mold and mildew under moist conditions. In damp or flood-prone areas, this can be a serious problem and known health risk. GigaCrete products, on the other hand, are harder than concrete and will not support mold-and mildew. Instead of wall board, the ICF industry can now apply durable PlasterMax-ICF that is fire rated and its finish coat hardens to more than 8,000 psi. PlasterMax-ICF Base coat is applied directly over EPS foam without mesh unlike its competitors, topped with PlasterMax finish coat that can be finished to look like Venetian plaster.

For more information on GigaCretes new green building materials and the NextGen eco friendly house, visit


Mike Reen, Western Regional Sales Manager

GigaCrete, Inc.

6775 Speedway Boulevard M105

Las Vegas, Nevada 89115

(619) 200-6606

e-mail michaelreen(at)gigacrete(dot)com


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