project report on cement

project report on cement

More details: Get the price of project report on cement: SBM as one of the largest mining and crushing equipments manufacturers and vendors all…

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Turner Construction Company Tilt-wall Project in Texas

Turner Construction Company, the leading general builder and a leader in tilt-wall construction, completed the outer structure of the 140000 square foot con…
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Central California Coast Eco-Tourism Ranch Project Stalled, Developer Selling

San Luis Obispo, CA (PRWEB) November 11, 2004

Today, the owner of the See Horse Canyon Ranch placed the ranch on the market for sale as a private home site, after 4 years of effort towards developing a showcase Eco-Tourism Dude Ranch on the property.

The Ranch is located in San Luis Obispo County, in magnificent See Canyon. See Canyon lies just 12 miles outside downtown San Luis Obispo and only 7 level miles to the beach community of Avila, in the heart of the Central Coast Wine and Tourist area, an ideal site for environmentally friendly businesses like an Eco-Tourist resort.

The Ranch sits on 104 acres of rural land with a scenic view of the entire See Canyon, and beyond to Pismo Beach. Excellent hiking, mountain biking, and horseback riding exist on the ranch and in the adjoining rural lands and Montana De Oro State Park. With abundant wildlife including coyotes, bobcats, rabbits, red-tail hawks, kit fox, swallows, quail, and black tail deer nesting and living on the property, it was expected that naturalists would love to stay and observe nature from a comfortable setting of environmentally friendly cottages.

Originally, the owner, Bob Ehlers of San Luis Obispo, had intended to develop an eco-tourism destination resort on the property. “We intended to install small self contained, solar powered bungalow cabins, with septic holding tanks, DC power, and propane heat, hidden in the trees”, said Mr. Ehlers, “The bungalows would blend into the surrounding area and would create a minimal impact on the ecology of the ranch. Walking trails would link the cabins together. However, due to issues with zoning and the reluctance by the San Luis Obispo County Planning Department to allow new and innovative uses for rural lands, the project was scrapped.”

Mr. Ehlers began planning for the construction of a passive solar home on the property, and has taken this development right up to the point of breaking ground. All of the necessary reports and permits have been completed and issued. All the fees are paid and the plans are approved. But for personal reasons, Mr. Ehlers is now offering the Ranch for sale.

“It is a real shame when a dream like the See Horse Canyon Ranch cannot be realized due to bureaucratic rulemaking,” said Ehlers. “This project had all the potential of being ideal for the community, the environment and me. I had hoped to make a living by allowing people to come to the Ranch, enjoy and understand the nature of the area, and stay in comfortable surroundings.”

The ranch currently has a complete road system which conforms to all zoning and California Department of Forestry guidelines. There are two developed wells, a percolating spring, and several other undeveloped springs on the property. Electrical service, telephone (including ISDN), and septic systems already exist servicing the 1200 square foot 2 bedroom, 2 bath fully permitted mobile home. The mobile home has been completely remodeled inside and has a large redwood deck attached, affording spectacular views of See Canyon. The mobile home is currently rented to good tenants for $ 1300 per month. Cattle graze on the property under a lease arrangement and are well managed by a professional rancher.

“We are permitted to build a new home on the ranch. Construction can begin immediately,” said Ehlers. “A pad is already cut, plans are complete, and all permits have been issued for construction and roadwork,” he continued.

When the plans for the Eco-Tourism Dude Ranch fell through, plans for building an equally environmentally friendly home were laid out. Working with local Architects Tom Di Santo and Laura Joines-Novotny, a new home design was developed. The design is referred to as a M:OME. The concept is simple: A M:OME is an AIA award winning design incorporating an efficient steel structure, engineered straw panel infill, inverted roof design, effective use of windows and doors, and passive and active solar technologies. It carries much of the aesthetic features of Frank Lloyd Wright and Eichler, with the most modern, cost effective and environmentally sound building materials and techniques.

The home is planned to be two stories, 2500 square feet, with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms. A breezeway will lead to a 900 square foot garage with a large studio apartment above. The floors are stained concrete on the first floor, which gives the appearance of fine Italian tile. The floors upstairs will be concrete pan with carpet, providing outstanding durability, insulation, noise proofing and structural integrity. The kitchen will feature formed concrete and stainless steel counters, gas appliances, and a retractable door system that will open to the patio, creating an open area for entertaining. Large windows provide outstanding views, heat in the winter and light throughout the year.

The home is designed with an inverted roof to gather water into an integrated cistern for irrigation. The roof also hides the solar panels which generate most of the electricity that the home requires throughout the year. If surplus power is generated, it is fed back to PG&E through the grid inter-tie system. The home operates on standard AC power and features standard 400 amp service from PG&E so that pumps, welders and other farm equipment could be operated if required.

The ranch is being offered for sale without the home built, but with all the plans and permits in place. There are also plans for an alternate custom home that is 3600 sq ft and is a Spanish style ranch which can fit onto the same building pad as the M:OME design if desired.

Aerial photographs of the ranch, AutoCAD topographic maps, blue line drawings and full documentation are all available for inspection upon request.

The asking price for the See Horse Ranch is $ 2,199,000. “The Ranch is worth a lot more than this to me,” said Ehlers, “but the time and energy it would take to build the Eco-Tourist Dude Ranch are beyond my means. It will make a great home site for someone who wants a quiet retreat that is accessible from both LA and the Bay Area.”


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Fox Blocks Full Brick Attachment to Insulated Concrete Forms Public Works Project

Most full brick attachment is done via penetration thru foam to concrete core. More and more recognition of the sheer and pullout strength of the Fox Blocks …
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Insulated Concrete Walls Inc. Chosen for “Frontier Project”

Stuart, FL (PRWEB) October 20, 2008

Insulated Concrete Walls Inc. (ICW) announced that it has been selected as the ICF installation sub contractor for the “Frontier Project” which will be built in Rancho Cucamonga CA.

Cucamonga Valley Water District (CVWD) is the parent organization and guiding force behind the 14,000 square foot demonstration building which will serve to educate residential consumers, commercial builders and sustainable design advocates on the latest building methods and technologies in energy, water and site conservation.

“ICW is proud to be a part of this unique project,” says Brian Smith, western regional manager for ICW. “The Water District’s decision to use ARXX Insulated Concrete Forms for the exterior walls of the building will have a dramatic and lasting effect on the amount of energy required to heat and cool it. We’re glad for the opportunity to be able to showcase an ICF building envelope solution that can have a positive environmental impact far beyond this single project”, continued Smith.

The Frontier project has already won design awards including the Citation Award from the American Institute of Architects and the Leadership Award from the United States Green Building Council. The project, which is seeking a USGBC LEED Platinum rating, broke ground on April 25, 2008 and will be completed by June 2009.

About Insulated Concrete Walls Inc

Insulated Concrete Walls, Inc (ICW) a Delaware Corporation organized in October of 2003 is engaged in providing installation services of insulated concrete walls and floors for residential and commercial construction projects. The company’s primary initiative is to become the market leader in the Insulated Concrete Form (ICF) contracting segment operating as a subcontractor to ICF manufacturers, dealers, distributors and builder/contractor customers.

ICW operates as a subsidiary of its parent/holding company ICF Solutions, Inc. ICF Solutions is a California corporation organized to provide products and services to the ICF Industry.

AZ ROC 239533

CA 921437

FL CGC1513746



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Oldham County School Board Selects Amvic ICF Products as Dixie ICF Announces Completion of Another School Project

Crestwood, Kentucky (PRWEB) March 14, 2009

Dixie ICF, well-known throughout Kentucky and the surrounding region for their years of experience in building structures using Amvic Insulated Concrete Forms (ICF), is pleased to announce the completion of Crestwood Elementary School.

The 26,500 square foot structure integrates insulated concrete forms with conventional concrete masonry units (CMU). All exterior walls are constructed using ICF, while the interior walls use CMU and the floors are poured concrete. This fusion of materials posed its own challenges meaning that wall spaces had to be measured precisely to accommodate for the outcropping of concrete block to match up with the drywall on the ICF. The end result is a smooth, professionally finished surface.

“The strength of Amvic ICF ( has enabled us to achieve quicker build times resulting in a fast turnaround for the Oldham County School Board. The product strength was proven when we were able to pour over 5,000 forms with no pillowing, no blowouts and no additional work for other trades” says Tim Hamilton of Dixie ICF.

The speed of construction with ICF became evident when the crew of 7 ICF installers managed to stay ahead of a crew of 30 masons! Not only was the speed of construction a deciding factor for the Oldham County School Board, but they also chose Amvic ICF because it creates a stronger wall that is monolithic with no mortar joints. In an area where tornados are a concern, this element of safety was very important.

Amvic has continuously demonstrated excellence in the three key areas of ICF development: a strong interlock mechanism, unequalled foam density, and web design and spacing. All of these factors made Amvic ( the logical choice for constructing an educational building.

Some of the benefits of ICF use lend themselves particularly well in the Education Sector. Health and safety are always top of mind during any construction project, but particularly so when building a structure for children. With the mold and mildew resistance of insulated concrete forms as well as the fire resistance and structure integrity, Crestwood Elementary is a safe building that will be in use for decades. Keeping the bottom line in mind, choosing ICF means speed and ease of construction, long term energy efficiency and significantly lower maintenance costs. Finally, the impressive sound deadening properties of insulated concrete forms create a quiet and efficient learning environment. When all of these attributes are combined an Amvic ICF school truly produces a unique and special educational setting.

The decision to use insulated concrete forms was fully supported by the architect as experience showed that even during the uncertain temperature and weather of the winter months, ICF construction would carry on and maintain their schedule. This isn’t always the case when working with concrete block which can often be affected by weather.

If you have any questions about this ICF construction project, please contact Tim Hamilton at Dixie ICF at (502) 493-0711 or visit Amvic’s website at

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Fox Blocks project how to level first courses of Insulated Concrete Forms

Fox Blocks 2-3 courses tall contractor uses laser level to shim to level, uses spray foam adhesive to lock formwork to footing straight on chalk line.
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Greenblock ICF Wall System Chosen for Yuma Senior Terraces Project

Stuart, FL (PRWEB) December 19, 2009


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Fox Blocks Contractor Interview on large church project with Insulated Concrete Forms

Catholic Diocese in AZ specifies all projects with Insulated Concrete Forms. ICF Specialties ICF Contractors lead foreman Don Coleman discusses projects and …
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Developer, Cliff Davidson Goes Out on a Limb and Designs Great Living Space for His Condominiums at Trout Hill Project Long Branch Lakes at Fall Creek Falls, Spencer,TN

Spencer, TN (Vocus) October 19, 2010

Tree house or Private Refuge let the imagination guide the walk through the three beautifully appointed and open floor plan levels of the first building of the Condominiums at Trout Hill located at Long Branch Lakes in Spencer, Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau. Even the name implies something different, and it is. Perched up on a hill, amidst the trees which are completely ringed by water. It’s not just any water, but water that is navigable by canoe or paddle boat. In fact, the decision for one to escape for the day and take the graduated stairway down to a dock to fish, relax or paddle away while exploring Trout Hill.

A walkway will encircle the condominium homes offering inviting views of the adjacent Fall Creek Falls State Park, and the wide open spaces of Long Branch Lakes itself, all open to exploration. Hiking, horseback riding, bicycles; anyone can choose their preferred mode of transportation. Just don’t forget the ‘treasure map’ to see the points of interest along the way while exploring the many miles of trails to choose to cover on a day’s journey here in Spencer, Tennessee. But if relaxing is the preferred plan for the day, the amenities right out Trout Hill door will also include a swimming pool and grilling and picnic area to keep one hilltop for a lazy afternoon’s stay.

Creature comforts inside, unlimited opportunities for adventure outside. That’s life at the Condominiums at Trout Hill, in Long Branch Lakes in beautiful Middle Tennessee.

Cliff Davidson, and his company Ivy Investments from McMinnville, Tennessee, is the Developer of the Condominiums at Trout Hill project at Long Branch Lakes. His vision and playful style of building have made these homes exceptional to live in and enjoy. Taking into consideration the infinite number of complex technical requirements in building a project like this, he has successfully balanced the principles of executing a level of fine craftsmanship (as exemplified in the single-family home which Cliff has also built in this private gated community), with the important need to create a building featuring sustainability, energy efficiency and limited maintenance for the owners. How has this been achieved? Cliff examined various construction methods and determined that based on the project’s requirements, that the use of Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) made the best sense for executing the building’s comfort, security and efficiency while still allowing use of the rustic mountain architectural building style.

“Using Insulated Concrete Forms (ICFs) will give the buildings the added benefits of great energy efficiency, safety and strength. They will be quiet buildings, and on a side note of aesthetics, they will have wonderful wide windowsills throughout, only enhancing the interior space,” commented Davidson. “In addition, there are the financial benefits for the owners. The ICF construction over time, simply costs less to maintain; it’s what is known as having the benefit of ‘low lifecycle costs’. From savings on your energy bills, to a 50% reduction in the cost of the home owners association’s insurance for the building, it is tremendous, and all thanks to using Insulated Concrete Forms for our construction .”

“The Trout Hill project offers the best of the best to its new residents,” commented Davidson.” I want this to be a work in progress where the buyers have the opportunity to make suggestions and interior choices in order to personalize their own Trout Hill units. But when it comes to the basic construction methods, my choice is to follow the path of greener construction methods and sustainability for Trout Hill.”

“I don’t think that I can give you a comment better than that of Mary-Jo Patterson, who sent this note to me just last week. She and her husband Mark, owners of the first completed unit, will be moving from their current home in Brentwood, Tennessee to Trout Hill in just a couple of weeks.”

Here is what she had to say: “Home builds have the reputation of always being a nightmare and

you have made this a delight. We truly appreciate you! As always, wishing you only ~ Happy Trails, Mary-Jo “

Mary-Jo Patterson, Owner of the first completed Trout Hill Condominium unit.

And Happy Trails it will be, for Mary-Jo, Mark and her horse Belle, who has already taken up residence at the Long Branch Lakes Equestrian Center in advance of Mary-Jo’s arrival, but that’s another story.

Does this sound like a wonderful place to live and play? “We think so, in fact we know so!” said Cliff Davidson, after reviewing the finishing touches for the newly designed hand rail system he’s been installing at Trout Hill. You can’t mistake that tone of pride and excitement in his voice and there’s no doubt in anyone’s mind that the Condominiums at Trout Hill is a limb worth climbing out on.

Long Branch Lakes is a private gated community of almost 5,000 Acres located in Middle Tennessee on the Cumberland Plateau. Noted for its Rustic Mountain Architecture, 2 Bill Dance Signature Lakes , and 1,000 Acre Equestrian Village with its own full service and fully staffed Equestrian Center, Long Branch Lakes offers a relaxed and inviting outdoor lifestyle for its residents. For further information, about the Condominiums at Trout Hill please contact Susan Caruso by calling 931-316-1487 and visit


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