ICF Manufacturer Makes Hurricane Resistant and Energy Efficient Dream Home a Reality for a South Alabama Family

Fort Deposit, AL (PRWEB) April 12, 2006

When a consumer reporter for Alabama Public Television decided to build a new home, she did what any reporter would do…research. Lori Cummings producer and host of the statewide program Alabama @ Work began searching for the best way to build both a wind resistant and energy efficient home. Cummings says three letters kept popping up in her research; ICF, which stands for insulated concrete forms. I decided to do a story for our television program on building with ICFs and became intrigued by the concept, says Cummings, it just made so much sense and I wondered why everyone wasn’t building with insulated concrete forms.

But when Cummings tried to find her own contractor to build her dream home she could not find an ICF builder. I was discouraged, but decided to do more research. I went to the Portland Cement Association web site and started emailing block manufacturers, Tritex ICF Products responded quickly. Cummings replies.

A few months later, General Sales Manager Thad Tobaben came with a Tritex team from North Alabama including Barry Camper, Mark Cobb and Tim Liptak along with Greenville, Alabama contractor Randall Nicholas was at the Cummings home site breaking ground on her new concrete home.

Tritex believes in their products and the simplicity of building with our Insulated Concrete Forms, Alabama builder Randall Nicholas caught on quickly and is already planning two more concrete homes, says Tobaben. Tritex stayed on the Cummings project until the ICF portion was complete walking Nicholas and his crew through the entire process.

Nicholas told Tritex, I have to admit I didn’t know if I was going to like building with ICFs, but we just finished the last concrete pour on the Cummings’ house and I am extremely pleased with the product and how easy it is to use. I will definitely be building with Tritex blocks again.

Cummings knows her dream home would not be a reality without Tritex ICF Products and is looking forward to living in her new home this summer. According to the Portland Concrete Association, her new home built with insulated concrete forms requires 44 percent less energy to heat and 32 percent less energy to cool than comparable frame homes. ICF constructed homes can withstand up to 225 mile and hour winds which is an F5 tornado or Category 5 hurricane.

Tritex went above and beyond the call of duty and I will never forget what they have done for me and my family. I won’t have to worry this hurricane season and I will be able to afford my energy bills even when I retire. Thank you Tritex! Cummings says with a smile.

About Tritex:

Founded in 2003, Tritex is a new name in insulated concrete forms. Manufacturing plants are located in Conyers, GA, Pardeeville, WI, and Colorado Springs, CO.

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Greenblock ICF Wall Systems Tornado Resistant and Energy Efficient

Norman, OK (PRWEB) August 14, 2008

Greenblock Worldwide Corporation (http://www.greenblock.com), a leader and pioneer in the insulated concrete form (ICF) industry, has announced that they have begun marketing their ICF products and installation services in Texas, Oklahoma and Kansas. With operations throughout the U.S. and Canada, Greenblock has been promoting the use of their ICFs as a disaster resistant, energy saving replacement for traditional building materials for the last forty years.

“The benefits of ICF construction are enormous for this region,” said Oklahoma-based Greenblock territory manager Eric Williams. “With our temperature extremes and severe weather we need homes, schools and workplaces that are energy efficient and disaster resistant. Our ICF wall systems are safe, strong and super energy efficient. I’m looking forward to introducing Greenblock as a sustainable alternative to stick frame and concrete block construction in this area.” continued Williams.

“We’re extremely pleased to have Eric Williams join our Greenblock team”, said Jeff Alexander, Greenblock CEO. “Eric is a certified instructor for several ICF building courses and he is actively involved in the building community in this region. He’ll be a

great asset for anyone looking to build with ICFs”, continued Alexander.

Insulated concrete forms are a ‘stay-in-place’ insulated wall forming system made of three primary components; high R-value expanded polystyrene foam, rigid plastic ties and steel-reinforced poured concrete. The use of ICF’s began more than a half century ago and is continuing to gain popularity throughout the construction industry – especially now because of its energy efficient, sustainable attributes.

Steel reinforced, poured concrete walls are the strongest, safest building materials currently available. ICF walls have been tested and can withstand tornado force winds. And they resist cracking and buckling up to five times better than concrete block walls.

The bulk of a building’s environmental footprint is caused by the energy consumed in the heating and cooling of the structure over its lifetime. The high performance thermal envelope provided by Greenblock ICF construction can offer significant contribution towards reducing the energy consumption needed to control the interior climate of the building. Additionally, the lack of air infiltration and the resistance to moisture through the exterior walls eliminates the growth of mold and pests penetration thus creating a healthy indoor environment that promotes increased employee productivity due to the reduction of sick days.

Projects seeking a green certification from the United States Green Building Council, NAHB or Green Building Initiative, benefit from involving Greenblock ICFs with their project. Greenblock insulated concrete forms are:

Energy Efficient
The expandable polystyrene foam in a Greenblock wall provides a consistent R-24 Thermal Resistance over the life of the product. Coupled with the thermal mass characteristics of concrete, as well as the lack of air infiltration in an ICF wall, the Greenblock system provides a wall comparable to that of an R-50 wood-framed or CMU wall. ICF structures are up to 70% cheaper to heat and 50% cheaper to cool than traditional wood frame or concrete block construction.

Sound Resistant
Structures using Greenblock achieve documented levels of STC (Sound Transmission Classifications) 50 (inaudible) or higher. Wood frame and CMU structures are typically rated an average STC 25, meaning people inside of the structure can hear and understand voices outside the structure. Outside noise such as traffic, airplanes, construction and even lawnmowers and leaf blowers are greatly reduced, making the structure a quiet, peaceful sanctuary.

Strong and Safe
Greenblock structures are much stronger than traditional building methods and materials. Greenblock walls are built with steel-reinforced concrete and fire-resisting expanded polystyrene foam, and they have a 2 to 4 hour fire rating depending on which product is used. ICF structures also improve indoor air quality by eliminating the holes and crevices that can trap moisture and foster mold and mildew growth.

Environmentally Friendly
The decision to construct with Greenblock ICFs is an environmentally responsible choice. Buildings constructed with ICFs significantly reduce the negative impact on the environment through sustainable site-planning, energy-efficiency, lower HVAC requirements and improved indoor air quality.(Builders can earn up to 20 LEED points). Greenblock ICFs are non-toxic; using no CFCs, HCFCs or formaldehydes, the absence of “off-gassing” eliminates the possibility of air pollution or ozone depletion.

Greenblock will be exhibiting at the Sunbelt Builders Show, November 6-8, at the Gaylord Texan in Grapevine TX.

About Greenblock, Inc.

Greenblock’s (http://www.greenblock.com) roots originated in Europe over 30 years ago and moved to the United States and Canada in the late 1980’s. With several integral modifications from the time of its inception, today’s Greenblock continues to be the superior choice for high efficiency wall systems, noted for outstanding design and ease of use. Over the years, a significant number of structures have been built with Greenblock. Projects that range from stem walls, basements, single and multi-story residences, apartments, condominiums, schools, hospitals, towers and even swimming pools. Government agencies and utility companies are now recognizing the superior features of insulated form-built structures and are beginning to recommend its use for environmental and energy conservation benefits.


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